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Nigerian Man Explains Why It Is Not Good To Send A Child To School

Wale Jana the CEO of Sapphire group yesterday explained why it is not good to send a child to an all boys or all girls school as it might lead to love for fellow man

He wrote on his Instagram page; Have you at any point thought about how a guy or a lady who grew up with a lady as her mum and a man as his father abruptly gets up one morning and says, "I love guys". This is not to pass judgment on the those people group or anybody however I need to tell you how direction can change.

I went to an all boys school for a long time and there were bunches of accounts of seniors who might draw little youngsters with large body, put Vaseline in their body and do rubbish. Guardians thought they were sending their youngsters to the best schools however it was additionally the rearing ground for love for fellow man. These young men who are being cordinated (that was the slang for it in school in those days) may not know anything about love and now they are being acquainted with love, in all actuality, they may not appreciate any type of love in their lives once more.

I recollect a specific female rapper discussing her boo and how he making the most of her placing a turn in his body during love, I looked at him and I found he moved on from that auxiliary school. He doubtlessly isn't a straight forward person.

I might not be right yet from what I have seen, numerous young men and young ladies in schools are reproducing justification for individuals who later become one side people and the truth of the matter is guardians never observe this, they have never at any point envisioned it however that is the reality.

On the off chance that you are a parent, open your eyes. May the Lord have mercy on every one of us. May I generally have affection for women in Jesus name. So be it!

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