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Poor People Can't Test Positive To Corona Virus, A Governor In Mexico

A Mexican representative has made a disputable case about the dangerous corona virus that is quickly spreading everywhere throughout the world.

Miguel Barbosa, legislative leader of the city of Puebla said needy individuals are resistant to the corona virus as he contended that larger part of the nation's cases are well off individuals.

The government official stated, "On the off chance that you are rich, you are in danger. In the event that you are poor, no. We destitute individuals, we are insusceptible.'

In any case, a few researchers have condemned Mr. Barbosa over his cases, considering him a 'bonehead' and saying his hypothesis was 'unbelievably moronic'.

Educator Paul Tracker, an irresistible malady master at the College of East Anglia, condemned Mr. Barbosa's case.

He said the man is an imbecile. That he is totally idiotic. There is no proof for what he has said by any means. What will happen is many individuals will figure they don't have to stress over corona virus, which will upgrade the spread of the sickness.'

He included that more unfortunate individuals might be at more hazard since they will in general be malnourished and not be able to manage the cost of great clinical consideration, in nations where there is no widespread access. Most by far of the occasions, these pandemics cause more damage in less fortunate individuals than they do in more extravagant individuals.

He likewise cautioned that solitary the rich live into their 70s in a portion of the world's most unfortunate countries.

Dr Derek Gatherer, from Lancaster College, included, "No one is invulnerable (with the exception of those that have just recouped from it)."

"That is the issue with virus that are getting into people for the first time. COVID-19 had never been found in people until December 2019.

Mexico has 475 instances of corona virus and six has kicked the bucket already.

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