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Nigerian Army Bounced On Journalist For Breaking Lockdown

Despite the lockdown in the country, a Journalist went out to do coverage and make videos of it.

In a video shared online, the Journalist was covering an area, and at the same time making the video when some Army men came hilux van backing at him what he was doing outside, he tried to explain to them that he is a journalist covering the lockdown but they couldn't take that and bounced on him.

Before the uniform men came, the Journalist was making the video and at the same time talking, "The lockdown is taking place, everybody must comply."

Then the Army van headed towards him. He continued but this time started stammering, "The securi, the security... The army men started backing at him, "Who are you? Who are you? He tried to explain he is a Journalist but they bounced on him.

Watch the video below.

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