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Owner Of House Takes Out Roof And Door Of Tenant For Owing Him

This Lockdown set up to end the spread of covid 19 could not prevent a Kenyan house owner from visiting one of his inhabitants for his house rent.

Jane Wamucii, 39, a mother of three revealed on Thursday that her house owner chose to ask her to leave for good from her one room without giving her a removal notice.

As per the lady, her house owner raged the property on Wednesday and expelled her room entryway and some iron sheets over her powerlessness to pay her lease.

"I have lived in this house for almost two years now and I have never had any distinction with my house owner. My kids were at home when the house owner came and evacuated the iron sheets and entryway. I came and found that it was valid," Wamucii revealed.

"It is raining vigorously and I dread that my youngsters could contract ailments. Indeed, I have been attempting to connect with him yet futile. The house owner and others raged the house and removed my staple and other family things. We have been dozing on the floor and we can't hold up under the virus."

Wamucii, said she hasn't had the option to provide food for her family following the lockdown.

This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta asked house owners in the nation to decrease month to month lease for their inhabitants cause of the coronavirus issue.

"Those house owners who have diminished or consented to work terms for the month to month lease so as to give rooftops over the heads of defenseless siblings and sisters and in such manner, I wish to ask all others to copy this incredible model and not put our kin in much increasingly powerless circumstances as we face this present pandemic," Mr Kenyatta said.

Barely days back, the house owners and Occupants Affiliation (LATAK) in Kenya guided all inhabitants to quit paying their rents until further notification because of the effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

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