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Video Of Dr Anu Who Damaged Girl's Body Dancing Online

A video of a surgeon in Nigeria called Dr Anu of Med Contour who is being accused of damaging a Girl and other ladies body who craved for attractive bodies has surfaced online.

She danced as if she was in a club. This was probably recorded in her lab and shared online.

If you can remember we reported of a Girl who is accusing Dr Anu of damaging her body after she paid her about a million naira plus to correct her body which she feels is incorrect even though that was how she was born.

The surgery was successful but as time goes on she started having complictions and mucus started oozing out of her. Then she called out Dr Anu and warned other ladies who crave for the perfect body through surgery to be satisfied with the kind of body they have, but if they must do surgery, they should stay off Dr Anu.

Others as well called out Dr Anu with some accusing her of killing a beauty queen last year through her surgery.

Internet users are surprised and can't find it attractive at all, why would a surgeon be dancing and looking like a slay queen? Many asked.

She shared the video online with the caption, can your doctor be this attractive?

Watch the video of Dr Anu dancing probably in her lab before a surgery below.

See screenshot of the post she shared below.

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