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Man Who Paid 1.8 Million As Bride Price Lays Curse On Wife's Family

A man who paid 1.8 million naira as bride price to the family of his wife has laid curses on them after she ran away from him.

The episode occurred in Ekpene Ikot Effio Anang, in Akpabuyo Neighbourhood government Territory of Cross River State.

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The family of the 32 year old, Esther Asuquo, wouldn't allow her to make a trip back to her alienated spouse following their difference.

The family of the woman took her to the place of a local specialist as opposed to a congregation after she had to run faraway from her home after a few predictions demonstrating that the forces conjured in her home by her husband would move for an all-inclusive time.

Notwithstanding, the family pledged to expel the spouse, a non-indigene, who recruited a local specialist from another land to conjure the appeal.

The man Asuquo, apparently had issues with the spouse who ran away from his home and returned to her family.

Rather than comprehending the issue genially, Asuquo purportedly announced her to an activist gathering, requesting a discount of the share he paid.

The aggressor bunch was said to have decided for his significant other. Not fulfilled by the judgment, he gotten an herbalist to compel the woman and her family to return his money by conjuring the millipedes.

It was additionally uncovered that the lady's family chose to place her in care of another herbalist so as to spare her life.

"She isn't with any congregation, she is presently living with one herbalist some place in the community. Be that as it may, we don't accuse her since no one with a rational brain will remain in that very spot if that juju isn't killed." A source said.

"We have likewise observed someone she conveyed to come and do a few things here, and that we realize that they're not church individuals, that individual isn't a minister, she lives in one among the cover houses inside the compound of the herbalist some place inside the community." The source included.

Another source said; "We have seen the sort of individual he is, and we currently realized that he isn't affirmed to live among us since he includes a faulty character.

This sort of man can harm individuals where they accumulate to unwind or drink, he's even equipped for murdering to have what has a place with an alternate man. Therefore and different things that I probably won't wish to enter, he can not acknowledge us.

He came to me two or three days back to advise me what he needs, yet from the manner in which he talked, I feel he despite everything cherishes Esther, yet it's past the point of no return since he took it excessively far.

Indeed, even the activists visited the spot and that they are exceptionally furious with what he did in light of the fact that the case was still before them, yet he went behind to get a native doctor."

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