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75 Years Old Woman Drags A Man With Her Daughter

In Russia a 75 years old woman took her daughter's man. 

Mum and daughter are fighting after the man dumped the daughter to marry the old woman. 

The Mum Galina Zhukovskaya is from St Petersburg city in the western Russian area of Leningrad Oblast. 

She wedded her daughter's husband in 2010 in the wake of building up a companionship with him when he told her the daughter cheated on him,  making him to walk away. 

However, Zhukovskaya the mum is currently fighting her little girl, Elena Podgornaya, 56, who is attempting to draw her ex, Vyacheslav Zhukovsky, 52, to return. 

The old woman asserted to nearby media her girl was unfortunate in the marriage and had not figured out how to discover anyone new. 

She has affirmed she was envious of her prosperity with her ex and is attempting to draw him back on the grounds that she is exhausted. 

Reached by Russian paper Komsomolskaya Pravda, Zhukovkaya said her daughter attempted to tempt her ex husband who is now her husband.

She asserted to the paper: "She needs us to isolate. 

"She frequently sends her 30-year-old little girl, conceived from another man, to get cozy with him." 

Zhukovkaya proceeded: "My girl is most likely desirous that mum isn't the only one. I have somebody to converse with and she doesn't. Be that as it may, he won't return to her. She undermined him to an extreme." 

The lady wedded her child in-law in 2010 when Vyacheslav chose to leave her daughter because of claims of unfaithfulness. 

When Podgornaya requested he leave the conjugal home, her mum offered the man, Vyacheslav, a spot to remain and that brought about an adoration coordinate which ended in marriage.

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