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The Whereabout Of Olajumoke The Bread Seller

Olajumoke Chris formerly known as Olajumoke Orisaguna a former bread seller cum model who was discovered by Nigerian Photographer TY Bello in 2016 has been off the scene for quite sometime now. Her last post on social media was in 2019, and so many people have been asking of her whereabout. 

Olajumoke parted ways with her husband who is the father of her two kids after the fame, changing her last name to Chris which is not even her surname. Olajumoke was never even married to the man people identified as her husband, she only had kids for him and they lived together, according to her, there was no money for marriage.

As soon as Olajumoke struck fame and brands started signing her, the man quickly wanted to see her people and marry her immediately but her family refused citing that their daughter has gone pass him. According to the man, he said everytime he goes to the family they refused to let him have her hand in marriage.

The man said problem started when Olajumoke started coming home late at night and whenever he asked her where she went, she'll either say she went to see her manager or she went for an event.

Things got soar and they decided to part ways. She also parted ways with TY Bello and her management and signed on with another manager who she felt understood more of how the industry works.

The manager reportedly used her, according to our source, Olajumoke allegedly worked her ass out to secure a new accommodation
before her house rent, sponsored by Bamidele Sijibomi of the
Sujimoto three years ago, expires. 

Sujimoto had paid a five year rent on the 3-bedroom apartment occupied by
Olajumoke, her live-in-lover, and two daughters.This caused sleepless nights for her and to make
matters worse, Olajumoke found out her publicist and
manager had allegedly been cheating her
and taking advantage of her naivety to shortchange her.

The Lady who was her manager before Olajumoke got fed up and left the scene allegedly led Olajumoke to sign an online deal that was worth two million naira but she only gave her a meagre one hundred and fifty thousand naira.

This is a lesson to all upcoming. Olajumoke is not to be blamed cause she was not exposed, but even though she was not exposed, people around her should have educated her on the career part she was made to trail and not take advantage of her naivety and only teach her English and modelling etiquette.

When Olajumoke rose to fame she had endorsements from every nook and cranny with deals worth millions, brands rushed to sign her on their roaster. But sadly 95% of the funds went to her management. 

Olajumoke was never a model, she was a bread seller from the streets, we bet she never knew anything about modelling and never even aspired to be a model before being discovered, but still, after discovering her she was supposed to be mentored on how this things work and not taken advantage of. Sadly she was only taught modelling etiquette and English Language cause she was only good in Yoruba.

According to reports from our source, Olajumoke's social media accounts are inactive because these accounts were being managed by her manager, since they are no longer together, she doesn't have access to them that's why the silence from her.

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