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Two Popular Pastors Fight Over Land

Two Popular Pastors in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria are currently fighting over a land.

The Pastor of Gateway International Ministry is said to be using thugs to chase people out of the land which the other Pastor claimed he bought sometime in 2014.

The Pastor of Gateway claimed he had bought the land first, meeting the former owners of the land, they claimed they had sold the land long ago to the other Pastor.

Gateway Pastor then met with the community youths and they scattered the land. Two bedroom was built on it before but was demolished by the youths who people claimed had been bribed.

The Christian Association Of Nigeria (C.A.N) in trying to settle the issue found out that the land is actually owned by the other Pastor. They then told the Gateway Ministry Pastor to leave it but he refused that he's the rightful owner of the land.

According to Matthew Agaren who heard his own side of the story. He said Gateway International Church bought the land from the original owners in Mbodo Aluu Community of Ikwerre Local Government Area between 2009 and 2010. That the other Pastor bought it from land grabbers in 2016. That we should go to ministry of lands and surveys, greater Port Harcourt City development, Ogbaku Ikwerre (The custodians of the culture, lands and traditions of the Ikwerre ethnic nationality) all in Rivers state to verify the facts. I know you are a journalist. Please balance your facts. God bless you.

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