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Meet The Man Who Has Been Sleeping With His Daughter From Childhood

Meet The Man Who Has Been Sleeping With His Daughter From Childhood

This Man, Gideon Ameno has been sleeping with his daughter from childhood, and has impregnated her twice, giving birth to two kids.

The first time she had a baby for him, neighbours questioned who the father was, and he had to relocate her and himself to a new neighbourhood and continued the act, till she gave birth again, then he relocated with her to another neighbourhood.

The 64 Year Old Man has been sentenced to ten years imprisonment. 

The 30 year old daughter said she is relieved and finally free, taking the matter public after years of pain.

According to findings by Gideon first impregnated her in 2018 and it produced a son. He threatened her not to tell anyone, that he'll take her life if she does.

After she got fed up and was complaining, Gideon started assaulting her. He had an unstable marriage with her mum who had asked her to go stay with him when she was little.

Gathering more information, learnt that the first child from this ungodly act is abnormal and he has
been sleeping with his daughter right from her childhood. The truth came out when she got pregnant. 

Even after the mother arrested him and took him to court, he was still doing it. 

The 30 year old girl was advised by good neighbors to quit living with
her father, they contributed money and got her a room very far from the father. She left the son with him.

Following his arrest and appearance in court, Gideon had nothing to say when the Judge sentenced him to ten years imprisonment.

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