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Exposed: Veteran Sex Therapist Who Sleeps With Clients To Save Marriages

A Sex therapist Olivia Bentley, has revealed that she takes a hands-on approach with her clients by sleeping with them to "save marriages."

She told New York Post,

"I get physically involved with the majority of the people I see, I think that's part of the appeal."

The "veteran" sex worker, who has spent 15 years in the industry, claims that women have asked her to "demo sex acts" on their husbands, while some wives grant their eager hubbies a "hall pass" to pay Bentley a visit.

"Some ladies say, 'I don't always want to be involved in this but I want to know who you are, I want to approve of you and I'm going to let him come and see you,'" said the 46-year-old intimacy educator, who earns a whopping $500,000 per year for her services.

Outside of the bedroom, Bentley, who touts up to 10 clients per week, supports her customers emotionally and gives them tips for maintaining a healthy sex life, and, consequently, their marriage

Despite her lack of official counseling qualifications, Bentley is a "veteran" sex worker of 15 years.

"People are usually nervous so I have to do my job at making them feel very comfortable and easing them into it, I'm kind of like the guide," she said, noting that she wants the women to "feel very confident and comfortable."

"I'm very affectionate physically and emotionally towards the wife always. If she's feeling very good then the mood is elevated and we have a really good time and the husband is very grateful for the experience."

While Bentley lacks official "counseling qualifications," she has a master's degree in education and obtained much of her X-rated tricks while working at Nevada's Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel.

The self-proclaimed sex therapist denounced "unfair" women who refuse to fulfill their partner's sexual desires.

"I know there are a lot of sexless relationships out there and there are a lot of unhappy men," she said, explaining that male clients will express their relationship discontent.

After a "few years" with their wives, Bentley's male clients have said their "sex life goes out the door." This, she said, is when the so-called "hall pass" is played, adding that their needs are "met elsewhere" if not by their wives.

"It's not an option to get married to a man and then turn around and say, 'Oh sorry I'm not into sex anymore, too bad for you,' she said.

"It's not fair but I see it all the time. There's tons of that out there and then they're not really happy. I don't shame them if they're going to go to a provider."

But steamy sex lives are also fostered outside of the sheets - Bentley advises her clients to keep up their physique, which she claims can increase libido.

"The more athletic you are, the more sex you want to have - you feel more confident and aroused," explained Bentley, a fitness fanatic herself.

While she recommends men practicing sit-ups to shrink their "big gut" - which she claims restricts blood flow - she also advises that both parties stretch and do yoga, regardless of who puts in more work in the bedroom.

Bentley applauds her brave clients for working towards a healthier relationship.

"Couples who have sessions with me are the coolest in the world because they understand the importance of sexuality in their relationship as a part of maintaining a healthy marriage," she said.

"When you're forthcoming with your sexuality and your needs, that's a healthy thing."

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