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Surgeon Who Damaged Girl's Body Blames Lagos Hospital

Corrective specialist Dr Anu said the beauty queen Nneka who is she is being accused of killing did not pass on after a messed up medical procedure she performed, and demonstrated papers to show she is able to complete surgeries.

She said the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital is to be blamed for the death of the beauty queen.

In a video shared online Dr Any began by saying, Hello everybody, I'm Dr Anu, I have been seeing all the narratives on the web and I have chosen to react to them. I will begin by expressing my capabilities and I will quickly discuss the issue of the patient who passed on. I have a MBBS degree which means medication lone ranger single lady of medical procedure, I'm likewise a restorative specialist prepared in the American foundation, I'm a doctor, I have done well more than 300 methodology effective. I have never lost a patient in my office, no patient have ever passed on in my office.

Presently the issue of the young lady who passed on a year prior, the glamorous lady, she had a method finished with us, I can't generally say such a great amount of in view of break of classification and it is out of line that the recordings of this woman will be posted up like that I accept individuals should regard the dead and not simply be after acclaim or in the wake of getting traffic on their web journals and if there truly is a difficulty, I accept they ought to adhere to the correct procedure rather than delicate substance of the patient who is dead on the web. I feel for the family and may her spirit find happiness in the hereafter.

She didn't pass on in our office, she had the system done she had a pneumonia and that was the reason she went to LUTH in any case, she went to LUTH herself. She was in LUTH for longer than a month, they made her lie on her bum, ceased the anti-microbials meds which is difficult and can make the patient impervious to that specific class of anti-infection agents.

This patient was mis-overseen in LUTH, LUTH ought to be the one addressing certain inquiries on how they dealt with this patient for longer than a month and she kicked the bucket. As a Specialist, as a doctor on my part I put forth a valiant effort, anyway the patient was fine she didn't have any post up complexities, she was doing affirm. She had shortness of breath, she had a pneumonia and there's proof to show that she didn't have fat in her lungs. Presently this is an ailment and I alluded to at that point in LUTH in light of the fact that they had a respiratory unit and they could oversee such condition. I had no clue that they were going to fumbled the patient, so they stopped her medications, she was on her bum, she should turn oftentimes or not sit on the bum, you know, however they needed to make her stay on the bum, they don't have involvement with this part of medication which is part of corrective medical procedure. It isn't yet a well known field, individuals don't generally such a great amount about it just a couple of individuals do it in Nigeria."

Dr Anu went further to share her certificate from the American College Of Surgeons to shame people saying she's an half baked surgeon.

Going further, Instagram investigator, Gist Lovers then sent an email to the American College Of Surgeons where Dr Anu claimed to have graduated from, but they denied ever having her as a student.

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