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Poor Widow Cook Stones For Her Children

A widow with eight kids with nothing to take care of them, had to boil stones to fool her kids into having trust that they are about to eat.

Peninah Bahti Kitsao, a widow who lives in Mombasa, Kenya, functioned as a nearby laundry woman before the lockdown.

In any case, because of the flare-up of Coronavirus, her client base definitely dwindled and she could no longer collect enough cash to take care of her self and her kids.

On Tuesday, April 28, as she watched her youngsters cry because of food, she had to boil stones to beguile them into feeling that nourishment was in transit. She trusted that they would nod off while hanging tight for the nourishment.

In any case, the kids didn't work off and a neighbour who heard them crying headed to see what was happening.

As indicated by her neighbour, Prisca Nyakaragio Momanyi, she heard the kids' cries and hurried to mind the issue, just to find out that their mom had cooked stones.

Prisca imparted her neighbour's predicament to individuals and the story made it to the nearby and global media.

The widow was met by Kenya's NTV and this provoked gifts from various individuals.

The widow said she was surprised when various individuals offered gift items to her. She called everything a major wonder.

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